Loki Laufeyson Friggason

Favourites from the most recent shoot! Some of my favourites ever, actually. 

This costume has been such a long adventure, and it’s ranged from peaks of holy crap I did it to points of why did I do this to myself?! Even now there are small things I’m still fixing, tweaking, trying to make better (hey, it gives me something to work on when other projects are giving me grief). This was my first time both working in leather and making armour out of worbla (or anything out of worbla), and I want to take the time to say a huge thank you to myrddin-emrys, fibonaccisgoldensnare, and beleggs for all their support and sometimes insane encouragement (also fahrlight because I still go ‘whoa, Fahr notices me?!’, ha.) 

Costume, armour, and Gungnir all made by me. :) 
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Loki | theshatteredsilhouette
Lady Thor | fibonaccisgoldensnare
Photographer | myrddin-emrys