Max. I know this face repulses you and I wouldn’t dream of asking you to accept it. But this isn’t me. The real me is inside here somewhere just waiting to get out. And you can make that happen. Once the curse is broken I’ll be just like anybody else.

This moment was so sad. She is promising this man that they marry and she still looks the way she does that will kill herself just so he doesn’t have to live her and see her face everyday. You can see the pain Johnny’s eyes when she says that and he just wants to help her but he knows that if he says that he isn’t a blue blood that it will just crush her further and he doesn’t want to crush her hopes and dreams because he already loves her but he tries to tell her anyway. I love this moment. It puts a lump in my throat but it really makes you see how much Johnny already loves her and wants to save her but he knows that he can’t break the curse.





1883, part I | part II (x)

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